When you buy products from Agropur, a Canadian dairy cooperative, you’re choosing to contribute to the Canadian economy.

See how a small gesture can have a big impact.


quality products

Milk is our principal product and our pride. It is 100% Canadian and contains no antibiotics or growth hormones. When you choose Agropur, you’re not only choosing a high-quality product, you’re supporting the work of our Canadian dairy farmers.


to our producers

Agropur is the largest dairy cooperative in Canada. And a cooperative means millions of dollars in dividends distributed to its members, who are also pillars of their community. When you buy an Agropur product, you’re choosing to support 13,000 Canadian families who are passionate about fuelling the economies of their town, city and region.


to the Canadian economy

With more than 6 billion dollars in sales, Agropur’s business model and its success has made it a key driver of the Canadian economy. When you buy an Agropur product, you’re choosing to be part of a cooperative movement that contributes to the economic growth of an entire country.

Contribute to the Canadian economy by choosing Agropur brands

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